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Helping You To Become A More Confident & Effective Communicator

Roy Magara, Solicitor Advocate & Speaker, provides those preparing to enter the world of work with some of the most practical and essential tools needed to make a great first impression, inspire audiences, and understand the basics of non-verbal communication.


Practical-Based Approach

Roy Magara offers a variety of interactive methods to equip individuals with confidence and help them  achieve a greater sense of competence in their emotional intelligence and self awareness. His interactive sessions cater for all group sizes in schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions as well as professionals of all stages.

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Become an effective communicator

Through interactive role plays focusing on communication in employment and spontaneous contexts, you will learn how to become an effective, confident and polished verbal and non-verbal communicator


Understand Business Etiquette

Establishing interpersonal dynamics  often depends on interpreting non-verbal communication correctly.

Amongst other skills, you will learn essential etiquette tips to call upon when interacting with your peers, managers and other professionals.


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