The Seminar

Educate to Elevate

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∞ How to make a great impression every time, within just two minutes of meeting or speaking to someone

∞ Explore methods to remember people’s names, and guarantee that others will remember yours too

∞ The few subtle moves that draw people in and make you memorable


Conversation Styles

∞ Learn the secret to quickly establishing rapport and conversing easily with new acquaintances

∞ Learn how to think on your feet when challenged with a difficult or spontaneous question

∞ How to ensure that the way you speak tell others you’re a credible, reliable professional person

∞ Consider strategies for dealing with people and situations you cannot change

Business Meeting

Non-Verbal Communication

∞ Understand the principles of non-verbal communication

∞ Recognise how and why what your body language says can dictate the verbal flow of communication

∞ How to use the principles of body language to increase your communication effectiveness

∞ Practical methods for sending and receiving crystal-clear communication


Interviews & Meetings

∞ Simple guidelines that ensure the etiquette of appointments is followed

∞ Important tips to remember when interacting with your interviewer

∞ How you can demonstrate that you’re a positive and self-confident professional

∞ Guidelines to follow from the moment you walk in the door to when you leave